Importance of agro based industry

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Essay on the Agro-Based Industry in India

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The Agro-based Industries In India (With Maps)

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The products comprise mostly consumer goods. Agro- based industry is important from the point of view of contribution to industrial production and employment generation. ROLE OF AGRO PROCESSING INDUSTRIES IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT Mahatma Gandhi's emphasis on village-based agro-industry during India's independence movement and is today a central component of the national development plan.

There is optimism concerning its continuing Importance of agro-industrial Sector in India. Agro-based industry would mean any activity involved in cultivation, under controlled conditions of agricultural and horticultural crops, including floriculture and cultivation of vegetables and post-harvest operation on all fruits and vegetables.

The development of agro-industries has assumed crucial importance in the economic planning and progress of the country. Importance Of Agro Based Industry.

vegetables. Nearly 70% of the population depend on agriculture and agro-based industries. Agro Industry Scenario An Introduction The agro industry is regarded as an extended arm of agriculture.

What is the importance of industries to our country?

Agro-based industries: An extended arm of agriculture

Agro-Based Industries Cotton Textile Industry. It is the oldest and the largest industry in India. It employs the largest number of workmen in our industries. 5 basic importance of food preservation ; Six importance of maintaining proper School Records; Advertisements: Guidelines.

What is the importance of industries to our country? Agro-Based Industries Cotton Textile Industry. It is the oldest and the largest industry in India. It employs the largest number of workmen in our industries.

Essay on the importance of Brand name in Business; What is the importance of Technical Entrepreneurs to a country?

Importance of agro based industry
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Essay on the Agro-Based Industry in India