The importance of rainforests essay

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Essay On Importance Of Forests In Urdu

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Rainforests cover only two percent of the entire earth's surface.1 It is estimated that ninety-five percent of Nigeria's rainforest has been destroyed. A Hong Kong company is logging out of Nigeria for the use of ply-wood, toothpicks, veneer, and chopsticks.2 People need to become more educated about the importance of the rainforest.3/5(1).

Nov 08,  · RETELL: BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON THE AMAZON RAINFOREST AND OTHER RAINFORESTS The Amazon rainforest is the world's largest tropical rainforest. It covers approximately 2 million square miles in the Amazon River Basin of South America (Lyman61) About two-thirds of the rainforest lies in Brazil.

The rainforests are very important to the world for a variety of reasons (Kristula, ). One major reason is that the plants in the forest change carbon dioxide into clean air, which fights pollution.

The Real Importance of the Amazon Rain Forest. In terms of sheer area, the boreal forests of Russia, Canada, and the tropical rainforests of South America and Central Africa, remain critical to the maintenance of a climate which retains some semblance of stability.

Preserving those forests is every bit as important as concerns over. Check Out Our Tropical Rainforests Essay Tropical rainforests are located in the tropical belt that is mainly around the equator. The forests can be found in places where annual temperature as well as, precipitation is high.

The importance of rainforests

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The importance of rainforests essay
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