Why is it important for teachers to study curriculum construction and development

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Why do we need curriculum?

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Why do we need curriculum?

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Print, (, p) curriculum is an area of vital importance to the professional teacher. Over the past two decades the study of curriculum has become an established part of teacher.

Importance Of Curriculum

On the other hand it also makes clear to teacher, the material that they have to teach to the students. It also provides the same facility to the examiner.

Construction of the curriculum. Following principles of curriculum construction were recommended by the Secondary Education Commission (): (i) The curriculum should be clearly understood.

Through their guiding function for education agents and stakeholders, clear, inspired and motivational curriculum documents and materials play an important role in ensuring education quality.

Curriculum is implemented by teachers, and depends moreover on the quality of teaching and learning strategies, learning materials and assessment.

Why Professional Development for Teachers is Critical

Teacher development has moved beyond simple in-service workshops and has expanded into a more robust system of continuing education. In order to advance in their careers, teachers should seek out professional development opportunities which are ongoing and aligned with standards and assessments.

For every approach, it expresses an orientation or perspective about curriculum development which impacts on the design of the curriculum, the role of schools, administrators, teachers, learners, curriculum specialists, and requirements for implementation and evaluation such as instructional.

Core and Creative Curriculum development are exciting fields of study. Professionals in these areas, whether educators, administrators, or curriculum specialists, pull from extensive knowledge and research in education to develop, implement, and assess innovative .

Why is it important for teachers to study curriculum construction and development
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Importance Of Curriculum - Significance Of Curriculum