Writing activities for spoken word poetry

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Poetry Writing Lessons

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Exploring Spoken Word Poetry

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Slam Poetry & Writing Retreat 2017

The Spoken Word continues to perform, celebrating and updating the ancient African oral tradition with shows that entertain and inspire. With singing, storytelling, poetry, and percussion music, we do stage performances, school assemblies and writing workshops that engage the audience, stimulate the soul, and generate joy.

Be it traditional spoken word poetry, speech or sermon delivery, songwriting, or solo performance art, this intensive workshop helps students create material worth standing for, and then helps them raise their voices to meet the moment.

Find this Pin and more on Teaching Slam Poetry / Spoken Word Poetry by Lindsay Ann Learning This list includes 5 creative writing poetry activities as well as 5 unique poetry analysis strategies. These are great activities for int. Find this Pin and more on poetry by Brandy. This is the Go-To resource for Spoken Word Poetry Imagination + Writing + Performance + History + Storytelling.

Performing Poetry - How To Recite A Spoken Word Poem

Urban Word NYC is at the forefront of the youth literary arts movement in the United States. Founded inUW presents free literary arts education and youth development programs in the areas of creative writing, spoken word, playwriting, college prep, literature and hip-hop.

An introduction to spoken word poetry and poetry slams, with tips for writing and performing your own spoken word poetry. Want to participate in a poetry slam one day! Ms. Sally reading Poetry Slam, the Competitive Art of Performance Poetry by Gary Mex Glazner.

Writing activities for spoken word poetry
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